Student projects

If you are interested in working on an undergraduate honors thesis, get in touch with me as early as possible in your Bachelor of Science in Mathematics. In particular, take Math 449 - Modern Algebra as soon as possible. We can try to find a topic that will be interesting to both of us. In the past, my students were done (or almost done) with the usual course requirements for the Bachelor of Science in Mathematics by the end of their third year. They could then focus on the honors project during their last year.

Honors theses

  1. Sage DuBose, On a conjecture of Greenberg in the context of (Zl)2-towers of multigraphs, Spring 2022.

  2. Kyle Hammer, Spanning tree formulas for abelian covers of multigraphs and Artin-Ihara L-functions, (co-supervised with Thomas W. Mattman), Spring 2019.

Master's thesis

  1. William Grenard, The rank one Stark conjecture for abelian extensions of quadratic imaginary number fields, Spring 2021.